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ZandCell is a biotechnology company pioneering the advancements and therapeutic applications of Stem Cell Therapy.

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Affordable, effective same day stem cell therapy procedures with an above 90% success rate. Over 25 years of experience!

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We offer new and advanced Anti aging products and tests to our clients. The tests detect current status of clients health and the products regenerate new cells.

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ZandCell has offered Russia 750 million dose vaccine capacity for Sputnik V and Aurora

Stockholm — ZandCell, a biotech company with a proven track record in immunotherapies and COVID-19 diagnostics is announcing that it is negotiating with the Russian government to manufacture the Russian vaccines for worldwide distribution. The company has signed … Read more

ZandCell to supply 160 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to several countries around the world

Vaccination against COVID-19 has become a new form of social responsibility both for each individual and for the activities of global corporations, and international cooperation in this area is the key to the sustainable development of any party involved.
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ZandCell COVID-19 vaccine order book grows to 160 million doses

ZandCell, is announcing that it will enter into the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines for governments in need. The company has signed several contracts with various governments around the world for the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines. Contracts over 160 million doses were made with governments in Asia, South America, and Africa.
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ZandCell Announces Availability of World’s First Saliva Based Coronavirus Test

ZandCell, a biotech company launches a fast, reliable, and affordable COVID-19 saliva based rapid antigen test kit to be used in and by airports, governments, states, hospitals, healthcare workers and, sports events, to administer testing for the virus
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ZandCell Officially Launches Medical Product and Services Marketplace App

ZandCell launches a marketplace app in response to increasing demands for a safe accessible tool to trade COVID-19 products such as PPE and coronavirus tests.
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ZandCell, a biotechnology company pioneering the advancements and therapeutic applications of Stem Cell Therapy, today announces the COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test Kit is now available and shipping worldwide to governments, hospitals, clinics, and doctors to quickly and effectively test patients for the infectious virus and provide immediate results within 2-10 minutes.
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Welcome to ZandCell the Future of Medicine Now!

ZandCell is helping people around the globe with a wide range of ailments. We have clinics at many location around the world and we are opening new clinics all the time. We are one of the most experienced and renowned stem cell clinics. Our facility has been researching and providing answers based on stem cell therapy for 25 years. Our professional staff has helped over thousands of people.

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Regenerate Therapy

Stem cell therapy is called regenerate therapy for a reason. Stem cells are the building blocks of all cellular activity. When stem cells are implanted they help the body to regenerate naturally and improve the systems and the function of the body. Our research and applications have helped many patients to improve everything from their energy levels to reducing pain and sleeping better at night.

Stem cells are the most powerful cells. They can divide without limit and can be adapted to work in any system. They are not “assigned” to any specific process until the body sends a signal to give them an assignment. The body uses these cells to replenish and repair systems.

The Stem Cells

Our stem cells are checked and double checked for any anomalies to ensure purity at the highest standards. They are safely harvested without any ethical concerns to ensure that our patients are 100% comfortable with their use. We use allogenic (donor) stem cells or autologous (your own) stem cells from adipose tissue (fat) or bone marrow.

The Future

The future of medicine is available right now! Stem cell therapy will soon become the “standard of treatment” across the board for many different types of disorders, injuries, and illnesses. We are on the cutting edge in the world of medicine. You can learn more about our services, franchise opportunities, and our research by contacting us.


Why ZandCell Regenerate therapy vs. other solutions?

  • Safe, non-invasive and fast recovery.
  • Extremely long lasting affective stem cells.
  • Quick and less expensive.
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Who We Are?

Private international team of scientists and medical doctors. Our clients satisfaction is very important for us.

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Research and develop proprietary solutions and treatments for conditions and diseases caused by degeneration or our genes.

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Evidence based advanced therapies to treat many degenerative diseases and conditions. DNA tests and anti aging treatments.

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