ZandCell is a biotechnology company pioneering the advancements and therapeutic applications of Stem Cell Therapy. Our Technology is called “Regenerate”.

Based in Europe, ZandCell utilizes advanced cellular therapy strategies to achieve effective groundbreaking medical treatments. Cell therapy is the treatment of human disease by the transplantation of cells that have been isolated, multiplied and processed outside the body, in order to replace, repair or enhance the function of damaged tissues or organs.

We facilitate treatments at many international locations.

Our Mission

  1. Stem Cell Medicine
    • advancement of Stem Cell Medicine through research and development. Offer clients all in one solutions in regenerative medicine.
  2. Easy and fast access
    • providing cheap, easy and fast access to therapies and tests through our international network of clinics.
  3. Specialists of Stem Cell Medicine
    • strategic collaboration with specialists and researchers in the field of advanced therapies. Finding partners to help the expansion worldwide.
  4. Offer commercial products
    • development of proprietary protocols for purification, expansion and differentiation of stem cells into safe and commercially viable stem cell lines.
  5. Leader in the field
    • ZandCell has proudly positioned itself as a leader in this emerging field of Regenerative Medicine since 2005.

Our Vision

  • Offer cheap, potent and easily applicable stem cell therapies as a preventive measure to the general public worldwide.
  • Advanced genetic testing, telomere testing and liquid biopsy together with live health monitoring via wearables.
  • Extending human lifespan by advancing research of induced hibernation and cryonic preservation through vitrification and other methods.
  • Cryo Banking of cord blood stem cells will be very common worldwide.
25Years of Experience
45Professional Staff
5Stars Service

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

January, 2004

Started doing research and testing on stem cells. Also looking at different types and sources of stem cells.

January, 2005

First trials were performed. 100% success rate!

April, 2006

ZandCell as a company was formed. A professional team of doctors and researchers was gathered.

March, 2007

Expanded conditions treated to new regenerative diseases.

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