Medical fees

Here at ZandCell, we are very proud and confident about the medical services we have provided for 15 years now.

The medical fees we charge reflect the cost of our doctors, nurses, lab technicians, equipment and medicine. We also feel that our patients prefer a more ALL Inclusive package and there we include hotel stay for two people and transport to our clinics in our packages.

Generally, our prices for stem cell therapy ranged between $2000 – $27500 with $17000 being the normal standard fee patient pay for our therapy.

There are some country’s healthcare systems that do pay for stem cell therapy being done at ZandCell. You need to check with your country’s government.

All payments must be final before the procedure day.



Currently, we offer a 10% discount to Swedish members of Hallandsposten and VOF. These groups have denied the existence of stem cells in the past.