TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) has the power to unlock your true potential and help you develop and heal your own body.

TCM teaches you how to live a life of balance, wellness, and harmony. TCM is one of the oldest healing systems on the planet. It has actually been in continuous practice for thousands of years.

TCM can be effectively applied to help heal anyone and any health issue no matter what because it’s rooted in unchanging natural law. Every TCM principle, theory, and healing practice reflects and harmonizes with the relationships that exist within natural law.


Four Key TCM Principles

  • Your body is an integrated whole. You are a complete package. Each and every structure in your body is an integral and necessary part of the whole. Along with your mind, emotions, and spirit, your physical body structures form a miraculously complex, interrelated system that is powered by life force, or energy. Everything you need to heal yourself exists within your being.
  • You are completely connected to nature. Changes in nature are always reflected in your body. TCM factors in the particular season, geographical location, time of day, as well as your age, genetics, and the condition of your body when looking at your health issues.
  • You were born with a natural self-healing ability. Your body is a microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. Think about it: nature has a regenerative capacity, and so do you. Sometimes, this ability may appear to be lost or difficult to access, but the good news is, in most cases, it is never completely gone. TCM helps you recharge this self-healing function.
  • Prevention is the best cure. Do you know your body is continually revealing signs about the state of your health? Let’s face it, it’s common to ignore these signs or symptoms until something more complicated arises. Yet this is not an effective personal healthcare strategy. TCM teaches you how to read the language your body communicates to you with and be proactive about your health.

Chinese Medical Treatment in Sweden

Our treatments are based on natural methods that have used for thousands of years. The patients consist of both difficult-to-treat cases that the public health care can not help as well as common problems such as ache and stress.

We provide the following treatments:

  • Chinese diagnostics helps to find the cause of your disease
  • Chinese natural herbs help you from the inside of your body
  • Acupuncture to help remove the stagnation of flow in your body
  • Chinese tuina massage for faster recovery of your body
  • Qigong training

Please contact us to get more info about the treatments in Sweden.