Singapore scientists’ finding on early embryonic development has direct impact on regenerative medicine and assisted reproduction

Scientists at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have recently generated significant single cell expression data crucial for a detailed molecular understanding of mammalian development from fertilization to embryo implantation, a process known as the preimplantation period. The knowledge gained has a direct impact on clinical applications in the areas of regenerative medicine and assisted … Continue reading

2011-10-25 NEWS

Seeking superior stem cells

100-fold increase in efficiency in reprogramming human cells to induced stem cells Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have today (07/10/2011) announced a new technique to reprogramme human cells, such as skin cells, into stem cells. Their process increases the efficiency of cell reprogramming by one hundred-fold and generates cells of a higher quality … Continue reading

2011-10-25 NEWS

EU warns of stem cells

Do not use the word stem, talk about regenerative medicine instead. That’s the advice given to Swedish researchers from Arnd Hoevel the EU Directorate for Research in Brussels.   The term stem cell is too loaded to be used towards the general public. It says Arnd Hoevel, head of the Health and biotechnology at the EU … Continue reading

2011-06-20 NEWS