Swedish company ZandCell to supply 160 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to several countries around the world

Swedish company ZandCell to supply 160 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to several countries around the world

Vaccination is a new form of social responsibility in the modern world.

22 July 2021

Stockholm – Vaccination against COVID-19 has become a new form of social responsibility both for each individual and for the activities of global corporations, and international cooperation in this area is the key to the sustainable development of any party involved. This statement was made by the CEO of ZandCell, Michael Zand.

ZandCell, a biotech company that has established itself as one of the leaders in immunotherapy and diagnostics of COVID-19, begins production of vaccines against COVID-19 for countries in need of support.

In early July, the company signed several contracts with governments around the world for the production of vaccines against COVID-19. More than 160 million doses have been awarded contracts between ZandCell and the governments of Asia, South America and Africa.

Many countries are in a situation where vaccination is hampered by slow vaccine procurement processes, lack of resources and legal issues that plague ordinary people.

“Currently, there are huge problems with the production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. First of all, this is due to issues of legislation and support or, conversely, restrictions on the part of the official authorities. The second question is a question of experience and technical feasibility of preserving the vaccine. The third is social, related to the awareness of the population and the readiness to be vaccinated. And that is perhaps the most serious aspect to work with,” says Michael Zand, CEO of ZandCell.

“This is why ZandCell is working to accelerate immunization around the world at a more affordable cost. I expect our backlog to triple in the coming months. And our expertise in this area will help to simplify complex logistics processes such as transporting vaccines, organizing a data system for vaccination of people,” continues Michael Zand.

“We believe that the issue of vaccination will help both an individual and each business, the social stability of each country as a whole. The experience of the Russian side, the Sputnik-V vaccine is one of the most successful developments. For our part, we are committed to sustainable development and would like to help or support the vaccination of those in need. Financially, we are in a good position to invest in vaccine production,” said Michael Sand.

In addition, the company supports educational initiatives to inform the public about the course, benefits or unwanted consequences of vaccination.

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, ZandCell is also working on the production of vaccines and tests for various diseases.

About ZandCell

ZandCell is a private biotechnology company (Sweden), the goal of the company is to bring to the market therapeutic treatments to help people with untreatable illnesses. The company focuses on diseases for which the treatment is in high demand, the biology of the treatment is clear, but for which there are currently no effective treatments. The company is headed by a team of managers with experience in the development and launch of medicinal products on the market. The main goal of ZandCell is to develop therapies in the field of regenerative medicine, genetic engineering and immunotherapy around the world.


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