ZandCell COVID-19 vaccine order book grows to 160 million doses

ZandCell COVID-19 vaccine order book grows to 160 million doses

STOCKHOLM, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZandCell, a biotech company with a proven track record in immunotherapies and COVID-19 diagnostics is announcing that it will enter into the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines for governments in need.

The company has signed several contracts with various governments around the world for the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines. Contracts over 160 million doses were made with governments in Asia, South America, and Africa.

Many countries are suffering from the slow purchasing processes related to vaccines and as a result, many people are suffering from the lack of vaccines, particularly in less developed countries.

“Currently, there are huge problems in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution. Governments and politicians worldwide with no prior experience in international trades, medicine or vaccines are handling purchasing for their population. The process is slow when governments are involved. Too much politics involved and people are suffering everywhere,” said Michael Zand, CEO of ZandCell.

“For this reason, ZandCell very much welcomes this new initiative of countries to sign with independent manufacturing companies like ZandCell to speed up the process of immunization globally and at a more affordable price. I am expecting our order portfolio to triple in the next coming months. Also, our experience in this area will help those countries to comply with all complex logistics processes such as cold chain transportation and advanced data systems for registration of vaccinated people”.

Apart from COVID-19 vaccines, ZandCell is also working on the manufacturing of vaccines in general closer to the end-users.

“Financially, we are in a comfortable situation that we can invest in the manufacturing of vaccines”, according to Michael Zand.

About ZandCell

ZandCell is a privately held, biotechnology company committed to bringing to market life-transforming therapeutics for patients with untreatable diseases. The company focuses on diseases for which the unmet medical need is high, the biology for treatment is clear, and for which there are no current effective treatment modalities. The company is led by a management team experienced in the development and commercialization of disease therapeutics. The overall objective of ZandCell and its operations is to develop medical treatments in the fields of regenerative medicine, gene editing, and immunotherapy worldwide.

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