Adult Stem Cells: A Transformative Force in Health Care


The Future is Now: How Adult Stem Cell Treatment is Transforming Medicine


The field of stem cell research has quickly reached a magnitude that it continues to elude the understanding of all but the most advanced of the scientific community. Many people are unaware that the first successful stem cell transplant occurred more than 50 years ago, and in the past 5 years alone, more than 50,000 scientific studies on stem cells were published and posted in the National Institutes of Health Medical Library.This lens will discuss the therapeutic applications of Adult Autologous stem cells – that is, cells derived from a patient’s own bone marrow and adipose. Dr. Darwin Prockop, who is the Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Center for Gene Therapy at Tulane University Health Sciences Center, is just one of the giants of science touting the exciting future of adult stem cells.

After researching non-embryonic stem cells for the past 14 years, Dr. Prockop said when interveiwed by Newsweek that despite his early skepticism about fat-derived stem cells, “the potential uses for these and other non-embryonic stem cells are nearly limitless”.

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